Colorado Tree Service

Tree Spraying

Preventive tree spraying serves a multitude of purposes- primarily, to combat both insect and disease pests, that more often than not, lead to the end of a tree’s lifecycle.

Tree Root Feeding

A healthy tree is contingent upon the health of the soil that provides the foundation for it. Just like all other living organisms, trees require adequate nutrients for both growth and defense against pests in order to survive and flourish as best they can.

Weed Control Service

Due to the fact that there are over 100 different species of weeds that inhabit Colorado cities like Denver and Vail, weed control services are necessary in order to maintain a prosperous, beautiful, and weed-free landscape.

Lawn Program

Preventive Tree Spraying’s lawn program is designed to treat each lawn individually, in which our trained professionals will diagnose your landscape for aeration, drainage, insects, diseases, nutrient deficiencies, and weed problems.