Colorado Tree Root Feeding

A healthy tree is contingent upon the health of the soil that provides the foundation for it. Just like all other living organisms, trees require adequate nutrients for both growth and defense against pests in order to survive and flourish as best they can. As a result, Preventive Tree Spraying’s arborists offer deep root feeding programs in order to best maintain the health of your trees.

Root hormones, stimulants, and a proper balance of nutrients promotes healthier, more vigorous plants. Healthy trees are less susceptible to attack by insects or diseases and if attacked are better able to ward off infestation, which is most beneficial for transplanted trees and trees under stress.

In addition to our usual compliment of hormones and vitamins, our mixture varies. In the spring, time-released, high in nitrogen for growth, and Fall-high in phosphorous, stimulates root growth and reduces winter kill. This year we are adding mycorrhizae fungi to further stimulate root development. Granular tree fertilizer can also be applied in the spring to mature trees to increase their health and vigor.