Colorado Weed Control Service

Due to the fact that there are over 100 different species of weeds that inhabit Colorado cities like Denver and Vail, weed control services are necessary in order to maintain a prosperous, beautiful, and weed-free landscape. Preventive Tree Spraying’s lawn experts specialize in preventing the growth of weeds, as well as treating them when they do inevitably emerge. As a result, PTS offers two different types of weed control services in Vail, Denver, and other Colorado cities: pre-emergent and post-emergent solutions, in which the form deals with the weeds you cannot yet see, and the latter with the weeds you can.

Understanding that having a predetermined course of action for weed control is as important as routine fertilization programs, Preventive Tree Spraying includes periodic weed control services and treatment for absolutely no additional cost whatsoever, which is part of our commitment to complete customer satisfaction. We even offer complementary lawn analyses that covers:

  1. The overall health of your lawn
  2. An assessment of any lawn diseases that may be present
  3. The diagnosis of potentially damaging insects
  4. A review of your watering techniques
  5. The identification of present weeds and weed control services
  6. Suggestions for recuperating your lawn to optimal health