Colorado Trunk Injections

Trunk injections are one of the most effective techniques that serve as an alternative to tree spraying or applying soil pesticides to combat tree insects, regular tree diseases, as well as nutrient deficiencies in your soil. Instead of applying or injecting pesticides into your soil, Preventive Tree Spraying’s arborists inject fertilizers directly into the trunk of your tree and nowhere else, always remaining ecologically-conscious of the environment or landscape we’re working within.

Our method of trunk injection utilizes minimal amounts of pesticides in comparison with other tree spraying company’s trunk injection techniques, lessening impact to you and your family, our arborists, and even your trees and your entire landscape. By injecting plant protectants into the vascular system of your tree rather than the soil, we are able to harness sufficient protection for the tree, while significantly limiting the potential damage done to people, wildlife, and your entire landscape.

Effective trunk injections minimize the damage that can be done by insects and other tree diseases, as well as assisting distressed trees in regaining their health for the long haul. In order to diagnose potential issues posed to your trees, make sure to give Preventive Tree Spraying’s experienced arborists today to schedule a free consultation.